About our School

Welcome to ST3 Kickboxing! Our philosophy is that working out is more fun while you are mastering a skill. Kickboxing is a conduit for building motivation and confidence within yourself. Here we teach drills utilized in training by professional fighters in a non-contact, adults-only program. We teach our students the proper technique of punching and



Theresa , co-owner of ST3 Kickboxing, has built her career upon the guiding principle of enriching the lives of others through mentoring and instruction.  Her professional background as a librarian in Boston, Massachusetts and, most recently, in New York’s Hudson Valley has supplied her with a self-described “patience to teach anyone anything, at any proficiency.”



Shira, co-owner of ST3 Kickboxing, has been training in martial arts since 2002.  At 23, a newly single mother of one found herself wearing a size 16. She began a rigorous routine at the gym, however it was always “the end justifies the means” mentality. Basically, you work hard, you get skinny. It wasn’t something


Diane Kyvik

Diane is a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. She has been studying martial arts and self defense programs including Krav Maga since 2002. When an adult kickboxing program was introduced at her do jang 5 years ago, she found that incorporating all of her past training combined with kickboxing, was the perfect